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For example, suppose that an insured sued in connection with an automobile accident tells the defense lawyer that he lied about the number of children he had when applying for insurance.
When Excluded from Settlement Functions, a Defense Lawyer Should Offer Impartial Assessments of Trial Outcomes
Some defense lawyers also asked that the procedure for the first 16 defendants be separated.
But the defense lawyers of members of Hezbollah accused of complicity in the attack sought to discredit the testimony of MP Marwan Hamade, Hariri's former economy minister, saying he was politically biased and believed in the guilt of the suspects without the benefit of a fair trial.
Gardner's personal feelings on criminal defense lawyers were captured in the Perry Mason novel The Case of the Drowsy Mosquito, in which Mason answers criticism that he "sticks up" for criminals: "I have never stuck up for any criminal.
And, to the extent there may be truth in it, that's all the more reason for defense lawyers to join the ISBA and make their voices heard and their votes count.
On Tuesday, a defense lawyer said Duch will ask for forgiveness from the victims, likely during the trial.
One friend, under cross-examination by defense lawyer Stephanie Page, acknowledged that Rachel had complained that they had no privacy for having sex in her mother's house.
Prosecutors already have turned over to defense lawyers about 25,000 pages of evidence, reports and information about the specific case and about Courtney's background, he said.
But when an enterprising journalist, through the Freedom of Information Act, got the clemency memos Bush's then legal counsel Alberto Gonzales actually put before him, they were extremely cursory and routinely rehashed prosecution arguments, leaving out issues of potential innocence raised by defense lawyers. They would just have a pro forma 15- to 30-minute meeting.
* Has the issue of who a defense lawyer represents been decided as a matter of law in my state?
I lose myself in my feelings about the client, the facts, the defense lawyer, and my ego.

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