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proves thesound decisionof the Palestinian-Arab bid to theUnited Nations General Councilto end the Israeli occupation and the suffering of the defenseless
The US's deafening silence, Boroujerdi said, shows their indifference to the lives of the innocent and defenseless civilians, clarifying that it was the U.S.
What is not so easy to understand is how people let themselves be defenseless prey on our American western frontier of the mid to late 1800s, where going armed had no negative social connotations, and even less regulation.
In The Rights of the Defenseless: Protecting Animals and Children in Gilded Age America, Professor Susan J.
Breyer's four new Ice Cream Poppers Heath, Hershey's Oreo, and Reese's deliver the same "snack sensation" to your defenseless arteries.
"In his Christmas homily," said the president, "the pope noted that the Savior came to Earth as a 'defenseless child,' and said that the splendor of that Christmas shines upon every child, born and unborn.
Findings by a team of Swiss, German, and Canadian researchers suggest that animals may be largely defenseless against the rapid dissemination of UFPs into cells throughout the body [EHP 113:1555-1560].
Puny and defenseless, they're almost obliterated by the technological maelstrom that surrounds them.
As it happens, Carrie is not totally defenseless, as she's been honing her powers of telekinesis, the ability to move objects by using the power of her mind.
Instead, Roy urges progressives to get real--"aim at real targets, wage real battles, and inflict real damage." Since the goal is to disable Empire, the targets should be its working parts, and Roy relishes the idea of targeting its corporate parts, the businesses directly benefiting from the trampling of defenseless nations and peoples.
Where was the concern for the defenseless victims of the sexual predators hidden by the Catholic Church for decades?
By contrast, Lar Lubovitch's Artemis, his sixth work for ABT, was merely dismissed, possibly because it seemed so defenseless. Its subject, the mythical encounter of the hunter Aktaion with the goddess Artemis, who turned him into a stag with very odd antlers, isn't stirring material for anyone but animal rights activists these days.