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Israeli occupation and end its crimes against our defenseless people.
What is not so easy to understand is how people let themselves be defenseless prey on our American western frontier of the mid to late 1800s, where going armed had no negative social connotations, and even less regulation.
With aluminum's infiltration of the iron casting market, iron foundries are left defenseless because they don't have the design data nor the casting expertise to produce thin-wall, lightweight iron components.
They seem fragile but also strong because they reveal themselves as defenseless with a deliberately icy seductiveness.
But the drugs' effectiveness wanes after a year or so, often leaving a patient defenseless against the disease's spread.
Integration leaves a communities defenseless -- unless along the way the last vestiges of oppression have been expunged from memory.
With the Israelis "battering away at defenseless civilians, it is hardly surprising that thousands of Palestinians - many of them innocent of wrongdoing - were badly injured, to the point where some remained handicapped," they write.
There can be no tolerance for barbaric groups that claim to act in the name of a faith but attack houses of worship and murder the innocent and defenseless while at prayer," read the statement, which was slated for the immediate release.
NEW YORK, Nov 1 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has demanded the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and take a clear and solid stance that translates solidarity of the world with the Palestinian people and compel Israel to stop its barbaric aggression against the defenseless people.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani voiced concern about Israel's recent savage attacks on the defenseless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and said the Zionists and terrorists are committing the most horrible crimes against humanity.