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Defensibility becomes truly useful when managers and employees outside finance can readily apply cost information to investigate operational problems or evaluate operational solutions without worrying that finance will find fault with cost figures used in the analysis.
* Comprehensive Chain-of-Custody and Preservation Reports: eDiscovery Suite's enhanced reporting feature includes logging to track detailed information across the entire eDiscovery process for the greatest defensibility available.
As these analyses do not follow accepted criteria, the data lack defensibility, which can have severe ramifications if the situation becomes litigious.
This "defensibility rating" is a subjective opinion of how the facility would fare in defending its practices.
Besides erecting fencing, Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps KP have been constructing new forts and border posts to improve surveillance and defensibility.
The ideal candidate will have substantial experience conducting NEPA environmental reviews and will have a demonstrated history of completion and legal defensibility of their work products.
Fontis helps organizations manage the storage and destruction lifecycle of their records according to industry and geographic laws and regulations, enabling compliance and legal defensibility for their information management programs.
This second edition details how to organize medical records in ways that enhance their legal defensibility. It addresses legal issues, record management, information technology, and how to lead and motivate teams involved in legal health record projects.
As with the structure decision, the BOE considered responses to the Structure and Content Exposure Draft and Briefing Paper #2, as well as information regarding validity and reliability factors influencing the psychometric quality and defensibility of the examination for tests of different lengths.
This article discusses the legal defensibility of employment standards that, although neutral on their face, have an unequal impact on candidates depending on race, color, sex, national origin, or religion.
In the name of comprehensiveness, fairness, and legal defensibility, regulators feel bound to take all contingencies into account.