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Most often, these tools have been designed as abbreviated or brief rating scales given combined potential strengths of efficiency and defensibility.
WALSH: Let me first clarify what the concept of scientific defensibility of a drug test encompasses.
Step five: Create a facility action plan to prevent and/or decrease risk exposure and improve defensibility.
This second edition details how to organize medical records in ways that enhance their legal defensibility.
L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today unveiled the Autonomy Chaining Console, a powerful dashboard that provides corporate legal departments with greater visibility and defensibility.
As with the structure decision, the BOE considered responses to the Structure and Content Exposure Draft and Briefing Paper #2, as well as information regarding validity and reliability factors influencing the psychometric quality and defensibility of the examination for tests of different lengths.
The major disadvantage is that the method depends on the subjective opinion of the mycologist and thus lacks legal defensibility.
It stood on high ground close both to the Fosse Way and to Watling Street, offering defensibility and connections two factors that were indispensable when the Romans were putting down military roots.
This article discusses the legal defensibility of employment standards that, although neutral on their face, have an unequal impact on candidates depending on race, color, sex, national origin, or religion.
In the name of comprehensiveness, fairness, and legal defensibility, regulators feel bound to take all contingencies into account.
2 Despite this, corporations and law firms interviewed by Kroll Ontrack were reticent to leverage this technology for several reasons, including the need for more hands-on training, concerns over defensibility and the fact that technology best practices are not yet standard.
It gives us a chance to speak with litigators about developing proactive, repeatable strategies to increase defensibility and control their costs," said Hunt Wojcik.