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It is, however, a more defensible process than relying on 20,000 employees to follow a detailed schedule.
We need defensible architectures and we have to change the way think about defending systems," he said.
The concept of defensible borders is closely tied to the drawing of 1949 armistice lines, commonly and incorrectly known as the 1967 borders.
By omitting "defensible borders" from her message, she spoke for the first US administration to abdicate its guarantee of defensible borders as a fundamental component of Israel's security, thereby nullifying her and the US president's pledge not to "waver in protecting Israel's security.
Dr Ian Dungavell, director of the Victorian Society, said Pembroke Dock's Defensible Barracks site was clearly well loved, but also evidently under threat.
TOP 10: 1 Oldham Town Hall, Lancs; 2 Defensible Barracks, Pembroke; 3 St Edmund's Church, Rochdale; 4 Pudsey Cemetery chapels, Leeds; 5 St Mark's Infant School, Battersea; 6 St Ignatius of Antioch Church, Salford; 7 Nocton Hall, Lincs; 8 Trimley Station, Suffolk; 9 Waterloo Hotel & Grill, Smethwick, West Mids; 10 Moseley Rd Baths, Birmingham.
Studies have shown that 85 percent of the homes with noncombustible siding and roofing and a defensible space of 30 to 100 feet around them survive when catastrophic wildfire sweeps through, Capp said.
If a defensible brand positioning is, in fact, the holy grail of any business, then how do Penney's competitors rate by comparison?
This tension is best honored by the exercise of humility when we find ourselves at the outer frontiers of statistical knowledge and defensible certainty.
Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), defensible space, and situational crime prevention are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have important distinctions.
So the graceful, undulating roofscape that has been a hallmark of the emerging plan has become a defensible planning tool under Singapore's strict controls over allowable floor area per parcel, the roofscape helps define a building envelope that frames the pursuit of that urban porosity.
Week before school starts and I got a letter of welcome back and a notice that we'll be having a presentation on, "How to Prepare a Legally Defensible IEP" by an attorney.