defensive arms

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At the conference, sharp splits emerged between Germany and prominent American politicians like Senator John McCain over the wisdom of supplying defensive arms to Ukraine.
Earlier, US President Barack Obama said he had not ruled out supplying lethal defensive arms to Ukraine if diplomacy failed to end the crisis.
could for the first time send anti-tank weapons and other defensive arms to Ukraine.
John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, insisted in Munich that "we must provide defensive arms to Ukraine.
officials who now favour providing defensive arms and equipment to Ukraine's military, which is struggling to hold back the rebels in eastern Ukraine.
Russia's military technical cooperation with Syria is limited to a transfer of defensive arms,", the Media and Press Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement commenting on news about supplying Syria with Russian Mi-25 attack helicopters.
8 retains all of the attributes that make AR rifles and carbines desirable defensive arms and is uniquely positioned to take its place in the mainstream of 21st century general purpose long arms.
The composition of the latest US arms deal indicates that the Americans are now much more prepared to provide Saudi Arabia and all its partners in the Gulf Cooperation Council-the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain-with offensive weapons rather than the defensive arms that have characterized earlier arms contracts.
We think these defensive arms will contribute to security and stability across the Taiwan Strait," he said.
This theme of supplying only defensive arms to Iran was soon mirrored in statements by the press service of Rosoboronexport.
Russia's state arms export agency said Monday it is supplying Iran with defensive arms, including surface-to-air missiles, but did not say whether they include sophisticated long-range S-300 missiles.
Although rich in peaceful traditions, the Tibetans lacked defensive arms and strategy against the superior weaponry that the post-World War II Chinese brought to their borders in 1949.