defensive equipment

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In addition to a safe vehicle, they need excellent communication equipment (a vehicle radio, a portable radio, and a computer), as well as defensive equipment on their person.
This prohibition only applies to offensive equipment and does not prohibit the transfer of defensive equipment, such as body armor.
During his meeting with the Jordanian delegation, El Assar reviewed the technological capabilities and defensive equipment produced by the companies of the Ministry of Military Production, including ammunition, equipment and systems of armament, as well as the human capabilities and the advanced technological systems on which these industries are based.
The fact that no damage was done to the Mason could mean the sailors on the ship were very well-prepared and its defensive equipment very capable.
The Supreme Leader pointed to the fury of the arrogant powers over Iran's purchase of defense equipment from certain foreign states, and said, "These powers who claim to be advocates of wisdom and fairness and speak of other countries' ethical qualifications for having or not having some defensive equipment are themselves not abiding by any of the moral principles.
Army Medical Department procured defensive equipment and trained Soldiers in chemical defense, while the U.
European governments, however, remain unwilling to reconsider their position on supplying defensive equipment to Ukraine and have instead reiterated that a diplomatic solution is the only option.
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service or ACBPS officers are now allowed to have their personal defensive equipment or PDE, including firearms, while on duty in airports, New Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton announced.
After clashes between the Army and fighters from the Nusra Front and ISIS erupted in the border region of Arsal earlier this month, Lebanon said it urgently needed offensive and defensive equipment to face battle-hardened fighters from Syria.
Qahwaji now planned to recruit an additional 5,000 soldiers with the Saudi grant to the military institution even if these funds were presumably slated to purchase sorely needed defensive equipment to deter Israeli aggression.
There is nothing like the hands-on experience of operating your defensive equipment in the actual environment in which you may find yourself fighting for your life.
Britain is ready to provide the opposition in Syria with defensive equipment and to train the gunmen," Hague said upon arrival to Brussels Meeting, asserting that his country will take full advantage of easing the EU embargo against shipping arms to the opposition.