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(3.) It should be noted that even though the addition of deferrable demand increases the total daily amount of energy supplied to customers, the optimum levels of conventional generation fall well within the range of generation with no deferrable demand (i.e.
The agency gives CFC's subordinated deferrable debt and member capital securities 50% equity due to the instruments' deep subordination and the cumulative nature of the coupon in the event of a deferral.
--$521 million 8.205% junior subordinated deferrable interest debentures due 2027 at 'BBB-';
Should a lock-out occur, the issuance also benefits from deferrable debt service for up to 12 months.
Unusually, no liquidity will be provided for junior notes, even if they become senior (interest will remain deferrable for classes B to E).
'bbb+' on USD 175 million 6.625% junior subordinated deferrable debentures, due 2034
We have argued in other papers (Jeon et al., 2015) that deferrable demand' is an attractive form of distributed storage because it is typically less expensive than batteries.
We also distinguish between deferrable vs nonde-ferrable admissions, where nondeferrable admissions are those with a principal diagnosis of those identified by Card et al (16) as having the same rate in the weekdays as during the weekend and thus presumably less amenable to hospital efforts to reduce utilization.
We fixed things that were otherwise passable, or deferrable, because we would be flying our families in this airplane.
Repaid $16.5M of Junior Subordinated Deferrable Interest Debentures issued by the Company and held by City Holding Capital Trust III at a price of 100.00% of principal.
Even if they possessed small arsenals of nuclear weapons, such states are deferrable, barring the unlikely scenario of a regime willing to commit suicide by launching an attack against a nation with more than 2,000 nuclear weapons and highly sophisticated delivery systems.