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Some of the projects were deferre due to inadequate design and other deficiencies, and were returned to their respective departments for rectification.
milites quoque, qui causas alienas deferre nonpossunt, qui pro pace excubant, velmagis ad hanc accusationem admittendi sunt, servi quoque deferentes audiuntur.
Gaston Deferre, candidato del Partido Socialista frances
Ego, inquit, poeta sum et, ut spero, non humillimi spiritus, si modo coronis aliquid credendum est, quas etiam ad imperitos deferre gratia solet.
Rutledge, Imperial Inquisitions: Prosecutors and Informants from Tiberius to Domitian [hereinafter "Imperial Inquisitions"] (Taylor & Francis, 2002), 9 (stating, "The word delator comes from the phrase nomen deferre, meaning either to lay information or to accuse, since the individual who initially denounced another individual before a magistrate could also be the one who conducted the prosecution.").
11.4: Ipsum de castris lucis in castra tenebrarum nomen deferre transgressonis est.
Microsoft Corporation on Thursday said its price cut for the Windows 7 operating system will deferre its revenue by 50 percent from eligible sales compared to its predecessor as it vies to revive its flagship product.
Ideoque excepto quod ueterum constitutiones a parrociis habere iubent episcopos, alia quae hucusque praesumpta sunt denegentur, hoc est neque in angariis presbyteres aut diacones neque in aliquibus fatigentur indictionibus, he uideamur in ecelesia Del exactores potius quam Del pontifices nominari, li uero clerici, taro locales quam diaecesani, qui se ab episcopo grauari cognouerint, querellas suas ad metropolitanum deferre non differant; qui metropolitanus non moretur eiusmodi praesumptiones districte coercere.
A plastic bomb exploded outside the home of Senator Gaston Deferre, who later told the Socialist Party's National Committee that the only way to deal with OAS members was to shoot, hang and guillotine them.
Two ESOL Center teachers, Claudia Deferre and Jessie Roberts, work with approximately 80 Limited English Profecient (LEP) students in Grade 1 through 5, the majority of which come from low socioeconomic backgrounds (66% receive free/reduced lunch).
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