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The 'deferrals' column reports the number of school completers who identified as deferrers when first contacted in 2007.
Of the 930 deferrers identified in 2007, 96.5 per cent agreed to be recontacted (897 recruits).
The authors' model of start-up characterises the individual at different stages, from dreamers to investigators, to either doers or deferrers. It is the 'doers' the authors suggest, who go on to start, methodically (business plan, etc.), intuitively (just do it) or incrementally (moonlighting, part-time, etc.).
In a small study of breast cancer patients, Pierce (1993, 1996) categorized women into different types of decision makers and found that 40 percent were "deferrers," that is, women who wanted a decision made quickly, did not want additional information, and preferred to follow their physicians' recommendation.