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(2) Il convient de signaler que le regime de defiance constructive propose par Aucoin, Jarvis et Turnbull entraine une certaine asymetrie dans les liens de confiance entre la Chambre des communes et le gouvernement car seulement les ceux qui souhaitent remplacer le premier ministre sont en mesure de presenter une motion de defiance.
The Defiance College baseball team entered the 1961 season optimistic but uncertain.
Praise for Acts of Defiance: Acts of Defiance is “a beautiful and moving story”—Whortleberry Press
Defiance, which starts on satellite channel Syfy tonight, is set in a future Earth after a war with a fleet of alien spaceships.
As it stands, Defiance is a capable if unspectacular shooter underpinned by traditional questing and progression trees that are more than a little reminiscent of the failed sci-fi MMORPG Tabula Rasa.
Defiance Developer: Trion Worlds Publisher: Namco Bandai Format: PS3
But even if the TV half of Defiance is Emmy brilliant, the business model for its MMO component is fraught with a different kind of drama, to say the least.
The Defiance name was acquired in the 1880 purchase of Bailey Wringer Machine Co.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has chosen Defiance Technologies, Ashok Leyland's associate company, to help develop a low cost car.
What makes clear the correspondence between this sectarian division and the division between Defiance and the Arab Spring are the many ambiguities that surround the stances taken by the Hamas movement on the developments in Syria.
Braithwaite (Australian National U., Australia) conducts multivariate quantitative analyses of defiance attitudes and postures towards the tax system and tax authorities in Australia in order to build a theory of defiance towards taxation and government more broadly.
One of Emu's main target areas, termed Defiance, is situated 2km northeast of Silver Swan Group's Austin discovery and comprises a series of distinct aeromagnetic anomalies covering a zone 1km in length where a historical drill hole was reported to intersect anomalous zinc values (drill hole QAC21; 30m @ 0.25% Zn from 36m).