deficient work

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Tenders are invited for Project involves completing the installation of previous concrete sidewalks, previous concrete roadway, portland cement concrete intersections, two new signal systems, illumination system, interconnect system, sewer main extension, and removal and replacement of deficient work.
My patients on the NH Health Protection Program don't choose to be sick, don't choose to be unemployed, and don't have a deficient work ethic.
Barnes said he believed the city inspector must not have seen the deficient work when he signed the permit.
Families and the council are now picking up the tab for deficient work.
Standard agreements cede the owner's authority to the architect, as the owner's representative, to direct the work, withhold payment to the contractor for defective or deficient work, and authorize change orders.
The department also refers significantly deficient work to the AICPA's professional ethics division and state licensing authorities.
Justice Brennan suggested that the government's interest in efficiency could be protected adequately by using deficient work performance, and not patronage considerations, as the basis for hiring, promotion, transfer, and recall decisions.