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This led, according to Lucjan Orlowski (1993), to a fall in incentives regarding the setting of prices and to a deficiently operating consumer goods industry.
140) 23andMe does address informed consent for research, (141) albeit deficiently, by requiring that prior to having their sample processed, users must read and acknowledge an online "Consent and Legal Agreement" which discloses some, but not all, elements of informed consent (e.
Hence, the resultant form was more of a transposed traveling theatre, deficiently recorded on video.
Workforce: Exploring the Challenges of Employer-Provided Workforce Readiness Training," a survey of 217 employers reported that a third of newly hired high school graduates are deficiently prepared for their work, 21.
He said deficiently performing corporations need to be pulled out and improvement in tax culture is the need of hour.
As ecclesiastical law, for example, deficiently reflects divine justice, it must be implemented with mercy--with compassion for frail humanity, an oft-repeated theme in Leo's sermons.
For Kristjansson, justified self-esteem matters in education "for the simple, practical reason that students who overestimate or underestimate their achievements or who feel overly or deficiently satisfied with those achievements do not make good learners" (ibid.
On his Christian theistic grounding (Chapter 16) he argues, then, that the image of God in humans (imago dei) alone is insufficient to ground human worth, because some who possess the image may, due to incapacity, also deficiently reflect that image.
106) This reasoning overlooks the possibilities that our free market system operates deficiently, or that our free market system, although perhaps currently successful, lives on borrowed time because the well of virtue upon which it depends is running dry.
Volunteers were excluded from study if any of the following criteria applied at the time of study: 1--history of allergy to saffron, 2--history of blood disease, for example: iron deficiently, anemia, hemophilia, 3--history of cardiovascular disease including vascular or conductive cardiac disease, hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, 4--history of renal disorder or electrolytes disorder 5--history of endocrine disease for example: hypo or hyper-thyroidism, diabetic mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypercholestrotcmia, 6--history of gynecologic or any menstrual disturbance, 7 pregnant or lactating women, 8--addicted to smoking or any substance, 9--volunteers who have taken any drugs.
In an analysis of various global models, for the generation of climate change scenarios over the Piura River Basin (along the northern coast of Peru), SENAMHI (2004) found that two out of eight models deficiently represented the ITCZ's position, placing it between 5oS and 10oS, nearly in front of the capital city, Lima.