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Look at him, Hump," Wolf Larsen said to me, "look at this bit of animated dust, this aggregation of matter that moves and breathes and defies me and thoroughly believes itself to be compounded of something good; that is impressed with certain human fictions such as righteousness and honesty, and that will live up to them in spite of all personal discomforts and menaces.
This creature half-dwarf, half-mole, whom he bears with him a certain distance on his climb and finally defies, and whom he calls his devil and arch-enemy, is nothing more than the heavy millstone "guilty conscience," together with the concept of sin which at present hangs round the neck of men.
It not only defies explanation, it's even beyond conjecture.
Old now in the number of her years, she had that sort of exceptional temperament which defies time with scornful disregard, as if it were a rather vulgar convention submitted to by the mass of inferior mankind.
FRyAE defies the elements with a built-in scratch protector that keeps the display brilliant without inhibiting use of the touchscreen experience.
Get ready for the smartphone that defies expectations and is ready for wherever your next adventure takes you the new Motorola DEFY MINI is now available in South Africa.
While a dispute over agents' fees held up the move over the weekend, City are now prepared to take more drastic action and pull the plug if Wenger defies their wishes.
In the Vatican II document, "The Church in the Modern World," there is reference to the parents' responsibility to the children and to the human race when one defies laws about overpopulation.
Cabrera defies translation perhaps in the very point where much of the power of her stories resides, in their polyphony.
It defies belief that this security guard who said with certainty between the time he began his shift and police arrived, no one was in on foot or by car.
The military is moving from the old, monolithic, bounded Red Zone of the Cold War to a huge, diffuse, and diverse Red Zone that is hardly monolithic and defies containment, said retired Navy Vice Adm.
He explains the creative-thinking process of these competitors and defies the assumption that genius is born, not made.