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The pair who once ruled the television roost will be leading audiences through a show that defies description. Some call it a farce, others just call it "an entertainment." All agree it is very, very funny.
Tilda Swinton's suit for the Baftas defies description, but if you missed it, imagine emu had a fight with a crow and the resultant mangled mess was fashioned into a coat.
Runner beans, to be precise, the home-grown flavour of which defies description in its pure deliciousness.
Closing the street on a Saturday was crazy but to close when we had a match on defies description.
The plot is so convoluted it almost defies description. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) learns that Flint Marko (Thomas Haden Church), was the man who really killed his beloved Uncle Ben (Cliff Robertson) and has just escaped from prison.
The Frankenstein's monster cobbled together at the wannabe-sophisticated Supper Club defies description. The freakish creature doesn't even have a proper name, being neither a legit theater piece nor a serious demonstration of the culinary arts.
The young Amy is a puppet, which allows a surreal interaction between the performers that defies description. Maggie Fox assumes her later persona with belly-aching results.
I cried when Kerry's husband Bryan arrived to kiss her and though I still can't quite forgive her for missing her baby's first birthday, I thought she was a worthy winner of the contest that defies description and beggars belief.
Director Roger Harding says: "This is a brilliantly crafted, funny yet serious piece of theatre that almost defies description. If you love Agatha Christie, you will love it.
Yet last Friday afternoon they managed to squeeze in a concert on home ground which defies description in anything but superlatives.
If the preamble was less than compelling, what happens next almost defies description, as the bomb's detonation kills countless thousands of people - an event which induced reservations about releasing the film at all, given the events of last September - and one which is conveniently forgotten in the film's feel-good ending.
The sheer incompetence of the committees which allow these clashes defies description, and results in a loss to the hunts of quality horses, income and crowds.