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The defile needed to be counter attacked from three directions; one to be led by 6th Sudhnuti Regiment (6th Battalion), second by Captain Sher and third by Lieutenant Bostan Force of 5th Battalion, of which Mujahida Hussain Bibi was a part.
000 personnes avaient defile jeudi, seule une poignee de contestataires s'est rassemblee samedi, certains devant la residence du gouverneur Sergio Cabral, dans le quartier chic de Leblon.
A Kenitra, a part l'UGTM qui a prefere mobiliser ses adherents cette annee pour manifester a Rabat, les sections locales des autres centrales syndicales (UMT, CDT, FDT, UNTM et ODT) ont defile dans le calme dans les differentes arteres de la ville.
of copy of Holy Quran" lays down that "Whoever willfully defiles, damages or desecrates a copy of the Holy Quran or of an extract therefrom or uses it in any derogatory manner or for any unlawful purpose shall be punishable for imprisonment for life.
The catwalklike format of Defile, as a superficial allusion to the media's parade of information, points to a weakness of all the work: Subtle it ain't.
In this case, it would have been difficult to detect the IEDs or enemy personnel, given the darkness and restricted visibility in the defile.
America is too powerful, and the American people love their country too much, to allow a foreign invader to defile our soil.
The problem has nothing to do with the gruesome nature of the image and everything to do with the way in which his company has taken the most sacred reality at the very heart of Christianity, the Cross - without which there would be no Christianity - and sought to defile it through associating it with references to things that, whilst great in the right context, are portrayed with the obvious intent of giving them a depraved spin.
Or maybe people who have invested megabucks in their important status icons--a BMW or Lexus--don't want to defile their fancy runabouts with things so pedestrian.
It's bad enough our own yobs being allowed to defile the Cenotaph.