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Je me demandais si une installation video comportant une presentation par long defilement pourrait orienter l'art numerique dans une nouvelle direction pour le projet de la Boite Jaune (1).
A fine distinction can be detected between the usage of arsu--used to describe a state of UNCLEANNESS incompatible with the sacred sphere--and lu 'u, which was also used to describe a threatening form of defilement associated with INFECTION.
To pollute himself with her now, after his rejection of her had set off the train of events that led to her defilement in her second husband's bed, would be an act that matches the strength of the word toevah, abomination.
Handling Pitch and Escaping Defilement," Gregg Camfield, University of the Pacific
To further its anti-trafficking efforts, the government should prosecute perpetrators of child commercial sexual exploitation, develop a mechanism for providing protective services to all types of trafficking victims, take steps to pass a comprehensive anti-trafficking law, and clarify which cases of child defilement meet the definition of trafficking in persons.
Often, those working on the mandala will wear masks over their mouth and nose so as not to contaminate the field of the mandala with their breath, which they view as a defilement.
In the subsequent chapters Rhoads puts the method to work on select topics: "Losing Life for Others in the Face of Death: Mark's Standards of Judgment," "Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman," "Network for Mission: The Social System of the Jesus Movement in Mark," and "Crossing Boundaries: Purity and Defilement in Mark.
The aesthetic aspect of this unfolding defilement could do with keener critical attention.
It had been slightly over a decade since women activists and children's rights advocates won the hard-fought battle to increase the age of sexual consent for females from 14 to 18-years-old and to set the maximum punishment for defilement to death by hanging.
35) Defilement descends, as it were, from an original transgression, or series of transgressions, of an interdict or a taboo--transgressions perhaps committed in some mythical past.
Such strategies have certainly failed to win the goodwill of the Iraqi people, with blatant discrimination, defilement of Islamic tradition and other abuses serving instead to fan the fires of local revulsion and insurgency.
Her body was later found in the mortuary covered in bacon rashers, a highly insulting defilement for a religion which forbids the touching or eating of pork products.