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In jail they simply get to carry on with their lives only that they are under a different roof and that's too lenient," said Mrs Obbo.Her sentiments were echoed by Hindi MCA Anab Hajji who acknowledged that child defilement is the biggest hurdle they are faced with at the moment.
The accused, a father of three, was arraigned on a two-count charge of defilement and assault to occasional harms on a 12-year old girl (name withheld) under his care.
Two months ago, anti-corruption police arrested a senior policeman in Kisumu for allegedly soliciting a Sh20,000 bribe to withdraw defilement charges against a suspect.
The magistrate's accuser, 54-year old Turkish tycoon Elsek Osman, is facing defilement charges involving minors.
It would be much better if sacrificial anAimals are slaughtered in abattoirs inAstead of allowing them to be slaughtered in streets as defilement spreads all over the city and it would be much easier to lift waste of slaughtered animals from slaughAterhouse instead of collecting them from door to door.
It is inappropriate, a defilement, and a violation, even if the fish could be the most sought-after, not only in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia, Radaza said.
David Kipkemoi was given Sh300, 000 bond after he denied the defilement charge he called "a total lie".
The police charged Asateru with defilement on Monday.
The defendant, who resides at Iyana Ipaja, near Lagos Lagos, is facing a charge of defilement.
Assistant Superintendent Phillimon Mpubulusi said the Letlhakane Police Station had handled 10 cases of defilement since January to date most of which were reported from hospitals and schools.
A complaint was made at a police station where representatives from the 160 Girls Initiative had provided training to police regarding the handling of sexual abuse, or "defilement," as it is called in Kenya.
"It would be difficult not to have sympathy for him." A sentence of two-and-a-half years for defilement of a child and a further two for exploitation of a child were imposed.