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If not defilement, what is the special violation that
To pollute himself with her now, after his rejection of her had set off the train of events that led to her defilement in her second husband's bed, would be an act that matches the strength of the word toevah, abomination.
Perhaps that reluctance was related to an unwillingness to accept responsibility for Agent Orange's defilement of Vietnam's people and countryside.
While he's healing, Dinah's brothers kill him and his people, "and plundered the city in reprisal for Dinah's defilement.
The Buddha came into the scene and explained that not only she did not have desire, but also that her mind was pure and above defilement.
It stands to reason that, if images could have such beneficent power, acts of defilement would be criminal.
We are tempted to obsess on possible defilement from what goes into us with too little concern for the justice or ethics of what comes out of us, Jesus teaches.
Ultimately, I suspect, Sheller's outrage is at the defilement of her Caribbean.
Handling Pitch and Escaping Defilement," Gregg Camfield, University of the Pacific
When such an association is offered by Americans, it represents nothing less than a defilement of our most sacred and cherished traditions.
Often, those working on the mandala will wear masks over their mouth and nose so as not to contaminate the field of the mandala with their breath, which they view as a defilement.
In the subsequent chapters Rhoads puts the method to work on select topics: "Losing Life for Others in the Face of Death: Mark's Standards of Judgment," "Jesus and the Syrophoenician Woman," "Network for Mission: The Social System of the Jesus Movement in Mark," and "Crossing Boundaries: Purity and Defilement in Mark.