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The consequence is that the Rocky Mountains and the ulterior regions, from the Russian possessions in the north down to the Spanish settlements of California, have been traversed and ransacked in every direction by bands of hunters and Indian traders; so that there is scarcely a mountain pass, or defile, that is not known and threaded in their restless migrations, nor a nameless stream that is not haunted by the lonely trapper.
Night was coming on rapidly, and it was almost dark before he at last found himself in a defile which was familiar to him.
He had now come to the mouth of the very defile in which he had left them.
This is the entrance, or, in the direction we were going, the extremity, of the romantic defile of the Notch.
The work involves the construction of a pumping station and the installation of a wastewater discharge DN 560 HDPE defiles in crossing the LEZ and connection to the sections already placed on either side of the Lez.
Elle enchaine plusieurs autres defiles au Maroc, notamment pour le styliste maroco-hollandais Said Mahrouf, les stylistes Thami Tazi et Patrick Boffin entre autres.
Quelque 150 manifestants se sont rassembles, hier, devant le siege de la Fifa, a Zurich, sans que leurs identites ni leurs revendications n'apparaissent clairement, a indique la police, alors que de nombreux defiles anti-Mondial ont lieu actuellement au Bresil.
Cinq jours de pret-a-porter masculin puis quatre de haute couture: la valse des defiles reprend a Paris entre le 26 juin et le 4 juillet, avec des dizaines de shows et une presentation particulierement attendue: celle de Christian Lacroix, qui revient, le temps d'une collection, pour faire renaEtre Schiaparelli.
La classe ouvriere marocaine a celebre, mercredi, la fete du Travail dans un climat empreint de mobilisation et de responsabilite, a travers des meetings et defiles des travailleurs qui ont sillonne les principales arteres de toutes les villes du Royaume pour appeler a l'amelioration de leurs conditions sociales, materielles et professionnelles et a la satisfaction de leurs revendications legitimes.
There will be several defiles, including defile in national costumes, in tuxedo and in lingerie, he said.
This attack--although limited to the destruction of one vehicle--highlights the need for detailed route reconnaissance and flank security when passing through defiles.
How come he just gets through teaching that it's the evil within that defiles us and then refuses to get rid of the evil that possesses this woman's little girl?