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HMRC did not consider that this sale amounted to the disposal of a separately definable business.
This allows us to give in Section 3 a characterization of the subsets of Zn which are definable in the weak Presburger arithmetic, along with a decision procedure.
In the remainder of his book, Reid-Pharr depicts how antebellum Black American novelists--William Wells Brown, Frank Webb, Harriet Wilson, and Martin Delany--troubled these tendencies for a stable and clearly definable black subjectivity, devoting a chapter to each author.
Similarly, a "state-of-the-art" management system may offer more detailed information, user definable fields, menus and custom reports, which on the surface are quite attractive but in reality burden you and your staff with additional input and ongoing updating.
For whilst Transcendence is true, lon(x)[not an element of]x, Closure need not be: even if every member of x is definable, there is no reason to suppose that x itself is definable.
Innovative QM tools include instrument check with definable temperature, weight and tolerance values, three-level password protection and instrument qualification with log book.
Caterpillars featuring the latest technology are offered for haul-off speeds up to 100 m/min, at precise and definable haul-off power and the best adjustment possibilities of the pressing forces for soft, medium hard and hard products.
This event brings together the works of book artists who have pushed the limits of what is definable as a calendar.
Email notification - events within the storage appliance, including disk drive failures, temperature alarms, failed power supplies and other definable events may be automatically transmitted to one of more system administrators.
We expect each attendee in these small group meetings to be actively engaged and to contribute to identify common business issues, needs, interests, concerns, and--most importantly--to help establish the mandate for the Branded Prepaid Card Association to move forward with a definable list of industry-supported deliverables.
Rubicon believes both of these projects have potential to develop into definable resources within 12-18 months.
7 expands the ability to customize images, colors and content, gives multiple payment options, multi-level price matrix with definable quantity breaks and enhanced template validation to enforce brand management rules.