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To compensate for an overambitious syllabus, I began to underscore whenever possible the processes involved in the conceptualization of movements in order to show that they are fairly easy to name, harder to define, and impossible to contain.
0, a document that defines and prioritizes Linux capabilities required by demanding enterprise-class applications.
To define the cell as an embryo is a gross scientific error.
The act would require each state or territory to develop a plan to address an emergency and defines a broad range of components to be included in the plan.
The expanded uncertainty can be used to define an interval, y [+ or -] U where y is the result of a measurement, that may be expected to encompass a large fraction of the distribution of values that could be reasonably attributed to the measurand (GUM 2.
To effectively market a camp, a camp director must define what services the camp provides to the community and identify the camp's place in the market.
It's all well and good to look at the manufacturer/agent agreement in these terms, but it's just as important to describe and define the practical terms of the individual relationship.
The new language is lifted from the lexicon of pension plans, in which employers may define a contribution made annually to an employee's pension plan or, alternatively, define an eventual benefit the employee will have at retirement, which then dictates contributions.