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Bovine blastocyst development after in vitro maturation in a defined medium with epidermal growth factor and low concentrations of gonadotropins.
Furthermore, in the fifth method of this study, it was indicated that hiPSCs could be efficiently differentiated into the endoderm cells in a more defined medium without B27 supplement, only using Activin A, ITS and albumin fraction V, without EBs formation, and using hMSCs feeder.
Although Fang and Demain (1995) have elucidated the stimulatory action of shikimic acid on Rap production in chemically defined medium, they failed to record its promotion in complex medium.
It was a great initiative to replace the animal testing with in vitro cell culture methods and now it is time to replace the FBS with chemically defined medium or with serum from some other source.
Nutritional studies require the use of a defined medium (MSM or sMSM), whereas studies on physical conditions or toxins can use defined media or the undefined pea medium.
Human embryonic stem cells need not only a defined medium, but also a defined substrate," Kiessling said.
The architect, in this newly defined medium, needs to comprehend the algorithmic procedure not as a representational tool for visualization and form generation, but instead as a generative tool responding to every phase from form-generation to manufacturing (Kolarevic, 2000).
Citation: "Establishment Of A Brazilian Line Of Human Embryonic Stem Cells In Defined Medium --Implications For Cell Therapy In An Ethnically Diverse Population;" Fraga, A.
Yeast cells [B5931] were grown in a defined medium, harvested by centrifugation, washed and resuspended in distilled water, and allowed to lyse from 0 to 32 days.