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Ponder another case where the preoccupations of the Definers have run tangential to the interests of the Front Liners.
In effect, the meaning of conservatism has been dissipated for want of definers, or as Weaver would say: "Teachers of the present order have not enough courage to be definers; lawmakers have not enough courage to be definers.
Mailorder kings Virgin have six new Lip Definers (pounds 8.
Multi-user development - in cases where a business process can be broken down into a number of logical blocks, each of the blocks can be implemented and maintained as sub-procedures by different procedure definers.
Among the more creative definers are Texas public school officials.
The found house, the capped garage, the springing pier and an as-yet unbuilt lap pool act in unison as planar yet somehow ambiguous spatial definers.
The book is replete with interesting quotations which reflect the biases of various definers of "manhood.
Plus add a touch of grown-up glamour with new special effect metallic Eye Definers, available in five dazzling shades.
Schoolteacher beat him anyway to show him that definitions belonged to the definers - not the defined" (190).