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I remember a coasting pilot of my early acquaintance (he used to read the papers assiduously) who, to define the utmost degree of lubberliness in a landsman, used to say, "He's one of them poor, miserable 'cast-anchor' devils.
Yet that terror was not fright, But a tremulous delight -- A feeling not the jewelled mine Could teach or bribe me to define -- Nor Love -- although the Love were thine.
Will you please define what gumption is, Aunt Jimsie?
Nietzsche as an evolutionist I shall have occasion to define and discuss in the course of these notes (see Notes on Chapter LVI.
We might, in fact, define one chain of experience, or one biography, as a series of occurrences linked by mnemic causation.
We define the "engraphic effect" of a stimulus as the effect in making a difference between the primary and secondary indifference-states, and this difference itself we define as the "engram" due to the stimulus.
asks Jasper, at a loss for a word that will define this thing.
464-2(a)(3) may create more confustion than solutions since it defines active participation within the context of farming:
Draft Sensor Model Language (SensorML) Encoding Specification defines general models and XML encodings for sensors and observation processing.
The SCA defines a software operating environment that includes an application framework known as the Core Framework.
MEF 8, also announced today, defines the Implementation Agreement for the Emulation of PDH Circuits over Metro Ethernet Networks (MENs).
0, the engineer defines the darts and splices in the first ply, then defines the rules by which darts and splices are staggered.