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The OSDL DCL Technical Capabilities is the work of current OSDL member companies and interested individuals and defines over 300 prioritized capabilities.
To define the cell as an embryo is a gross scientific error.
The act defines the reporting requirements for reportable diseases for health care providers, medical examiners or coroners, pharmacists and veterinarians.
15 clearly defines corrections as the negative of the estimated systematic error which involves the "true" (not nominal) value associated with the measurand.
that the postal system defines nursing home care recipients as occupants (named or unnamed), whose value lies in receiving mail successfully;
4051-1(e)(3) defines GVW as the maximum total weight of a vehicle.
It is expected to cost less than half of standard drilling approaches and the intention is to define uranium and co-product metal resources in the three pipes to be tested.
The new language is lifted from the lexicon of pension plans, in which employers may define a contribution made annually to an employee's pension plan or, alternatively, define an eventual benefit the employee will have at retirement, which then dictates contributions.
This plan defines a future date on which the participant is expected to retire.
464-2(a)(3) may create more confustion than solutions since it defines active participation within the context of farming:
Draft Sensor Model Language (SensorML) Encoding Specification defines general models and XML encodings for sensors and observation processing.
The SCA defines a software operating environment that includes an application framework known as the Core Framework.