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I've always been about fitness and my fans can definitely appreciate that.
That definitely put me in perspective and made me change as far as my thinking perspective.
LEWIS Hamilton believes he is definitely in the hunt for this year's Formula One world title after coming to terms with the fact there will be bad days as well as good.
He had a fantastic race and it's definitely a good start to the year that both of us finished on the podium and in the points.
In the US, only 9 per cent say they definitely plan to view the wedding.
HAVING single-handedly helped Zimbabwe beat Australia in the 2007 World Twenty20 match at Cape Town, playing an unbeaten knock of 60, Brendan Taylor definitely knows what it take to perform in big-match situations.
On balance, the majority of Americans nationwide say they would be inclined to vote for Obama in the 2012 presidential election: 53% say they would definitely or probably vote for him while 37% say they definitely or probably would not.
I'm definitely going there to win, that's my aim to be World Champion, so I'm definitely going there focused and ready.
Laughs] I feel like a lot of questions might go unanswered, and I don't know--we'll see how the fans react, but it will definitely be interesting.
Sanders will tell you himself that he was on the best horse in the race, and he would definitely have won with a clear run, but racing isn't always that simple and the champion jockey was forced to sit and suffer, as Benllech raced into a decisive lead up the rail, while Sanders waited for the gaps to appear.
He definitely put together some crazy combinations, technical stuff, too.