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Definiteness markers are usually adjacent to the noun, and for this reason we may conclude--perhaps prematurely--that Purepecha does not have any.
12) Regardless of the underlying reasons, in 2014, the Court's interest led it to recalibrate the definiteness requirement in Nautilus, Inc.
Federal Circuit assessed definiteness separate from claim construction,
Nonetheless, what underscores each of the above illustrations is the necessity of definiteness in resolving the dispute.
111) A district judge sometimes even makes decisions about claim definiteness (as a matter of law, naturally) in the claim-construction order, although many judges eschew this practice and render definiteness decisions before trial only in response to summary-judgment motions.
Thus, we are able to use the procedures established for (classical) forms to determine positive definiteness of a GF.
the patent law that implicate notice--specifically: definiteness, double
A single variable setting only requires an adequate errors' structure to ensure positive definiteness.
Among the topics are number and numberlessness in languages with and without articles, the Turkish noun phrase, reduced definite articles with restrictive relative clauses, the semantics and syntax of Japanese adnominal demonstratives, definiteness marking in modern Martinike, and acquiring the expression of genericity in English and Brazilian Portuguese.
This chapter also focuses on the status of NP which is discussed using the contextual factors specificity, definiteness and anaphora.
Can they say with any degree of definiteness that the fact that so many priests abused children is not connected to celibacy and clericalism and the whole style of life that a priest is forced to live?
Specificity is a semantic property of noun phrases closely related to the notions of indefiniteness and definiteness, as it refers to the ways of marking noun phrases as expressions with a referring function (see Heusinger 2002a).