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Understanding the definitional nature of this debate places other matters in perspective.
Is there a difference between the truth of a true ordinary sentence and the truth of a true definitional sentence?
ACA maintains that this situation does not exist with portable tanks and IBCs, and that FMSCA's definitional change has only resulted in confusion in the industry and a shortage of drivers that can legally carry these containers.
southbound transactions result from definitional adjustments to add Canadian reexports to U.
The implication of this definitional difference is that the firm-size distributions are very different in the two datasets.
This work should be commended for what it achieves in establishing equivalence in an environment often faced with definitional issues and transforming terminology.
Given its subject matter, the volume turns the editorial vice of not insisting on definitional and analytical congruity across the chapters into the virtue of allowing the reader to encounter a compelling range of "voices.
The AICPA Investment Companies Expert Panel developed a revised illustrative report on internal control required by the Securities and Exchange Commission under Form N-SAR that incorporates the definitional changes to material weakness and deficiency as described in Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Auditing Standard No.
Roughly 200 of its slightly more than 300 pages of text deal with the definitional dialogues.
The report provides essential historical commentary and analysis, as well as the definitional and conceptual frameworks that guide its conclusions, and which are exemplary reference points for anybody working in the human rights arena.
In the case of RTAs, they are seen as the creation of 'market officials' whose task it is to provide a 'cognitive guidebook to reality', in the form of (supranational) regional law, replete with definitional and normative notions, so that cross-cultural market participants' outlooks and expectations are aligned--'cognitive standardization'.
Its definitional vagueness, combined with its rhetorical appeal, may be used to justify actions without the need for rational deliberation.