definitive answer

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Then he was pressing, and you were coy, until finally he extorted your definitive answer, which was--" Maria paused, and seemed to be intensely studying the looks of the other--Miss Henley smiled as she turned her placid, ingenuous features to her gaze, and continued the conversation by repeating,
Health board chairman, Professor Boyd Robertson, said NHS Highland was looking at the compensation issue but not at a stage where he could give a "definitive answer" on how it will be dealt with.
Fortunately, the team on Aussie breakfast TV show Sunrise had a Brit on hand to give a definitive answer.
To get a really definitive answer I rang a leading Economist at Cambridge University and his answer was: "Aaaarrrrgghhhh!" Just to confirm that he was not biased I then rang a leading Economist at Edinburgh University and her reply was: "We're all doomed, doomed, I say!" Uncle Norbert and I thought these replies were just not quite detailed enough to satisfy a hopeful public.
"That's something we have had to contend with this time around and not having the definitive answer about where we would be playing next season until the first week in June has had a knock-on effect in terms of what we have done with games.
was her father, but she did not give a definitive answer," according to the criminal complaint filed by Secret Service special agent Samuel Ivanovich.
Mueller also investigated whether Trump obstructed justice but did not come to a definitive answer.
He said:"We'll probably get a definitive answer on that within the next 24 hours.
But police have no 'definitive answer' as to how Caspar Blackburn, 22, ended up in the Bridgewater Canal in Sale, an inquest into his death was told.
When I have a definitive answer, I will let you know," Levin said in an email, adding she would provide additional details once she had signed paperwork in hand.
BOFFINS could soon provide a definitive answer to the years-long debate over whether wine tastes better from a cork or screw cap bottle.
WE finally have the definitive answer to the question that has vexed many a social discussion: The correct pronunciation of scone.