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Conclusive; ending all controversy and discussion in a lawsuit.

That which is definitive is capable of finally and completely settling a legal question or action.

A definitive judgment is final and not provisional; a definitive sentence mandates imprisonment for a certain specified period of time.

DEFINITIVE. That which terminates a suit a definitive sentence or judgment is put in opposition to an interlocutory judgment; final. (q.v.)

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The importance of the definitive exercise of teaching authority is already evident from the fact that the response the faithful must give to the pope and the college of bishops when they proclaim doctrine definitively is the reason why they are endowed with the divine gift of infallibility in such teaching.
Mainly due to the long period of preliminary consultation, and because of the delays in definitively adopting the Structural Funds regulations, everyone has been obliged to work a bit faster.
The study represents an ongoing revision in focus in the literature from managing diabetes to preventing it, and within that area of research, a de-emphasis on heredity and other risk factors, and an emphasis on proactive and definitively proven preventive techniques--namely weight management through a reduced fat diet and regular exercise.
If the signal-to-background ratio is kept at 10:1, after a single reactor cycle (roughly 30 days) not only will this decay mode be definitively seen for the first time, but the spectrum of photons from radiative [beta]-decays will be measured at the 5 % level.
Although scientists agree that HIV comes from a chimpanzee simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) that infected humans, when and how SIV jumped the species barrier has not been definitively determined.
The Third Circuit has not ruled definitively. The district court chose to side with the Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh circuits.
By the end, little is definitively resolved, though each girl.
For instance, increases in SCr definitively show impairment only when kidney function has been reduced by about 50%.
In essence, they adopted a "wait-and-see" accounting method, deferring recognition until determining whether they would be making or receiving a payment and could definitively calculate its amount.
During the AoA, state-of-the-art modeling and simulation capabilities could not definitively determine if a warhead of this size and type could meet its requirements with an acceptable level of overmatch and a reasonable cost.
government turned definitively and publicly against its exile ally Chalabi.
Because of the difficulty in definitively identifying a connection to the brain, caution must be exercised to decrease complications.