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Instead, three criteria are used to indicate that a deflagration has occurred: (1) rupture of the diaphragm, (2) flame leaving the chamber, and (3) a characteristic pressure vs.
OSHA's Compliance Program Language document for the Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program (CPL 03-00-008 - Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program, Reissued, 5(a)(1)) states: "citations may be issued for deflagration and explosion hazards if [OSHA's Salt Lake Technical Center (SLTC)] finds KST values of the submitted dust sample to be greater than zero.
In the early '90s, Woosley and Alexei Khokhlov, now at the University of Chicago, independently proposed that a hybrid model, in which a supernova begins as a deflagration and transitions to the more rapid detonation, might be the most likely scenario.
From preliminary information that we have, the incident was an explosion caused by a deflagration of ammunitions.
It is likely that this was deflagration of ammonia on the lower floors of the building, possibly on the condenser flat that was immediately above the boiler room on the second floor.
The accumulation of an explosive mixture in a pipeline is unsafe and one cannot rely on the absence of an ignition source during mechanical operations to prevent a deflagration or detonation in the pipe.
It doesn't help us understand History through its alleged laws; it makes us "rediscover" History through "a deflagration of images" (Proust).
In November 1998 in a lethality demonstration at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, the company's AMP (anti-mine projectile) fired from an M197 Gatling gun on a Cobra helicopter successfully neutralised a submerged Mk 6 mine by the required deflagration process (rapid burning of the explosive without detonation).
Eighteen chapters containing abundant exercises cover topics including: thermodynamics; stoichiometry and thermochemistry of reacting systems; fuels; chemical kinetics; mass transfer; conservation relations; combustion of solid fuels, carbon, and char; deflagration and detonation; and introductory turbulent combustion, among others.
The tubular-shaped device directs a hot flame at the munitions to achieve a deflagration effect, he said
Deux facteurs menent donc a l'ascese : l'enonce de ce destin qui fait deflagration et la reconnaissance par la societe de la presence d'une divinite correcte, support de l'elaboration personnelle de la xiangu.