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If a deflagration occurs in the dust collector, a pressure wave will travel through the pipe faster than the flame front and close the flap valve, protecting downstream personnel and equipment from injury and damage.
In contrast to deflagration, detonation combustion involves a supersonic flow, with the chemical reaction front accelerating, driving a shock wave system in its advancement.
If underlying surface colors are not readily discernible, there could be a dust deflagration hazard.
Bureau of Mines to determine MECs: if a deflagration occurred for any tested dust concentration, then an MEC exists for that dust and the dust was classified as explosible.
1] qui, lors d'une electrocoagulation au cours d'une resection transuretrale de la prostate (RTUP), a ete surpris par une deflagration intravesicale.
The researchers believe leftover carbon could support the theory that Type Ia supernovae ignite and then explode, called pure turbulent deflagration, instead of two different explosions.
If underlying surface colors are not readily discernible on your equipment, there could he a dust deflagration hazard.
C'est au milieu de ces deflagration qu'il prit conscience que, dans sa vie, le Darrhib avait pris la place de sa femme.
Because of the instability of the explosive charge, it was impractical to fire the shell from a conventional gun as the violent deflagration of the propellant charge and the sudden acceleration of the shell would set off the explosive in the barrel of the gun.
Using a sensor to detect the approaching coal dust deflagration, the Active Barrier system successfully injected 120 liters of water within 250 milliseconds to suppress the explosion, as was predicted by BMT WBM's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling," said David Proud, business development manager for BMT WBM.
In this regard, the gas deflagration or dust deflagration indexes (KG, KST) are essential for the correct design of a mitigation system, e.