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A revolutionary road hump which is designed to deflate for emergency vehicles and drivers going under the speed limit has been unveiled.
However, in Section 5 we will come up with another proposal for the nonsymmetric case, which we think is better suited to deflate approximate eigenpairs.
At least three members of the crew were briefly dragged as they clung to ropes to help Fossett deflate the balloon.
One possibility is for mission controllers to partially deflate a ball when it reaches an interesting spot.
Still, it was sheer delight to watch this choreographer build and deflate intensity or create transitions out of small movement fragments.
But if boomers' retirements are going to deflate stocks, big changes are coming.
Rita McBride's art deflates the bloated tenets of high-modernist city planning and design and exposes the culs-de-sac of once-nigh-sacred art and architectural presumptions.
As fluid exits the vesicle, this sac deflates, the surface tension of its membrane subsides, and the hole closes up again.
It deflates faster than other comparable balloon catheters and provides the physician with more ability for precise positioning during an EVAR procedure than ever before.
Tansey deflates these key moments of discovery with a knowing whimsy, but, you want to ask, What does he know?
Using its exclusive Grocery Store Price Index (GSPI), the Food Institute deflates changes in the government's retail sales figures.
It really deflates you when somebody scores an easy bucket on a full-court press situation where its like, `Man, all that work and then we give up that easy one.