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Under the assumption that the average loan size follows the same trend as the average price of the collateral, loan balances deflated with the collateral price are a valid proxy for the number of loans.
We start in Section 2 by introducing the basic setting for a particular version of augmented and deflated GMRes based on an orthogonal projection that annuls approximate small eigenvalues, in the sense that they get moved to zero.
When a football is inflated or deflated beyond that ideal amount, it will not travel as far when it is kicked.
But when burly minders bundled the star to his waiting people carrier outside the school, the deflated tyres were found.
She leaves the salon confidently sporting her new "do," but is instantly deflated when she walks unnoticed past a group of young men.
Grocers (primarily supermarket operators) saw their real or deflated sales volume advance an estimated 0.
Repeated surgeries to improve the appearance of the breasts and/or to remove (explant) ruptured or deflated protheses may result in a dissatisfactory cosmetic outcome.
The latter adjective is ironic because The New York Times, The Wall Street journal and New York Magazine have all cast Jett as the mastermind behind a multimillion dollar trading scam and the sole reason for Kidder's currently deflated bottom line.
With so many properties both highly leveraged and deflated in value, sellers generally cannot obtain a sales price that will let them pay off their mortgages, satisfy taxes, cover legal and brokerage costs, and still make a profit.
The self-contained air control mechanism allows sports balls to be inflated and deflated at any time without pumps and air needles, so that they are always ready for use.
A tyre in the Mitsubishi had become totally deflated and others were soft, expert witness Damien Coll said.
New Delhi, June 15 (ANI): The passengers on board the Air India Mumbai-Bhopal-Indore-Delhi flight (IC-133) had a narrow escape on Tuesday, when two tyres of the left landing gear of the aircraft deflated soon after it landed at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport.