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Before I could gather what was happening, a group of rowdy youth confronted me and without talking to me, they deflated all my vehicle tyres and now I can't move," Mr Maina said.
Afterwards a visual inspection of the deflated tyre showed it remained firmly on the rim, which is not always the case with punctures, but there was a telltale greying of the sidewall due to heat build up and which could be felt placing a hand on it.
It would be ironic - and delicious, for many - to see the great Patriot dynasty brought down by something as insignificant as a deflated football.
It was the highlight of this place, but now the highlight is deflated, of course everyone is disappointed," he said.
Here, at the end, we only introduce related deflated quasi-(bi)orthogonal residual methods.
Where: (Note that this equation is deflated by capitalization this time) INCjit/CAPit = Income level to capitalization number for bank i.
Suppose that Senior dies in a future year, after Deflated inflates in value to $4 million.
If it's hard not to feel a little, well, deflated by this apparent--albeit Theoretically Correct--curtailment of possibility, five accompanying paintings at least lend the project some additional color.
Mowbray admitted that the team were deflated after the game but feels that there is still a lot to play for as his side prepare for back-to-back home games against Bolton and Stoke.
If you forget to re-inflate--and operate your FMTV with deflated air springs--you could damage the air springs and other air bag components.
WEBSTER - An erratic driver who allegedly failed to stop for police in neighboring Douglas last night was halted by a set of spike strips that deflated his tires on Route 16 near Sutton Road.