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A revolutionary road hump which is designed to deflate for emergency vehicles and drivers going under the speed limit has been unveiled.
The new hump, which manufacturers claim is the world's first 'intelligent' road hump was developed in Manchester to deflate for heavier vehicles like ambulances and fire engines, or for cars travelling under a set speed limit.
The new system, known as Transcalm, is made from rubber and contains a fast working air valve which can deflate the hump.
Exhausted Fossett, who had only 15 minutes' sleep the night before, was tossed head over heels in his tiny capsule as he struggled to deflate it.
Fossett said: "I was bounced along for about three miles while I tried to deflate the balloon.
My balloon is 150ft high and the winds that high were 20 knots." Ground crew members finally managed to grab the balloon and deflate it.
But it will NOT deflate for motorists exceeding the speed limit.