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When it goes the wrong way, it is deflating for a player.
There are two general approaches to deflating the balance of trade, which is defined as the difference between the value of U.
To determine the feasibility as well as the impact of deflating the monthly Census trade data, the Bureau attempted to deflate monthly trade data for the past 4 years using the import and export price indexes already available.
I was concerned about not deflating the balloon and being dragged for ever - and looking like a hamburger by the afternoon.
There's nothing quite as deflating as baking a bread that never rises because the yeast in the dough has lost its zest.
THE ORGANIZERS OF THIS YEAR'S Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, which takes place the first week of this month, seem untroubled by the deflating dot-com bubble; indeed, they are embracing what might be a "transitional" period for new media.
A NEW sleeping policeman unveiled yesterday will be a big softie for law-abiding drivers - automatically deflating for emergency vehicles and motorists within the speed limit.
In his titling, Wiesen brings into play the white wall that is not literally part of the work but determines its shape, and also calls attention to the purposefully deflating stain left behind by what appears to have been a leaking can of gray paint.