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At the start of 2019, the GCC's two largest economies, Saudi Arabia and UAE, suddenly fell into deflation. Qatar was already in a period of deflation, which has continued, and the other Gulf states have only been experiencing very mild inflation.
"Given that low consumer prices are caused by a decline in oil prices and stabilized agricultural and fishery prices, it is not proper to consider the current situation to be deflation" said an official.
The prices of goods and services under administered prices (AP) remained unchanged on the previous month (0.00%, mtm) after recording 0.06% (mtm) deflation in August 2018.
Deflation continued in pulses at 14.23 percent in August.
The present work aims to fill this gap and provide a more comprehensive look at what we know about the relationship between deflation and economic growth.
The figures show a marked divergence between ambient and fresh food deflation, with fresh food prices 2% lower than in October last year while ambient prices were just 0.2% lower.
The IMF said, 'The breadth of the decline in inflation across countries and the fact that it is stronger in the tradable goods sectors underscore the global nature of disinflationary forces...Eventually, 'persistent' disinflation can lead to costly deflationary cycles - as we have seen in Japan - where weak demand and deflation reinforce each other, and end up increasing debt burdens and hindering economic activity and job creation.'
Financial instability and debt deflation are different symptoms of the same malady: the stressed, levered balance sheets that are the product of unsustainably elevated asset prices and seemingly cheap liabilities.
Benjamin Strong, the governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, foresaw the need for deflation and liquidation at the height of the postwar boom in 1919, writing that an anticipated change in Federal Reserve Board and Treasury policy "will insure during the next year or two a very considerable liquidation of our banking position .
The post February deflation rate seen at 2.6%, Cystat says appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Compared to the revised 0.3% increase reported in January 2016, the slide into deflation in the eurozone was a sharp reversal and its first drop since September, when it declined by 0.1%, according to Eurostat.
We are still half way but we have created a situation that is no longer seen as deflation," Abe told a news conference.