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Equally, there are deflationary theories other than disquotationalism: Horwich's Minimal Theory is a good example.
French president, Francois Hollande, said that the ECB and Germany must do more to boost growth and fight a 'real deflationary risk' in Europe.
It has more signs of a balance-sheet recession, which is a priori more of a deflationary environment than what we had in the 1960s.
Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama's government declared late last week that the Japanese economy is ''in a mild deflationary phase,'' making the first such assessment in over three years in its monthly economic report.
Somewhat surprisingly to some, not so much to others, the amount of quantitative easing had no discernable effect on deflation or deflationary expectations.
The fiscal 2001 Annual Report on Japan's Economy and Public Finance urged the BOJ to ''positively consider further measures to ease deflationary pressures,'' presenting a detailed look into expanding quantitative monetary easing as well as adoption of an inflation-targeting policy.
While this may be granted, but it is fully compatible with the claim that they have the same descriptive meaning or cognitive content, if one takes that line, then Horwich's views on truth become deflationary as much as it is possible, and turn out to be almost indistinguishable (or distinguishable only in minor technical details) from old redundancy theories.
Deflationary pressures were also coming from the euro zone, but internal risks of deflation were limited, the bank's chief economist said.
Summary: LONDON - Gold has a history as a hedge against inflation, or more precisely, inflationary expectations, but what is not often considered is its role in a deflationary environment.
Japan's key consumer price index fell at the fastest pace on record for the second straight month in June, the government said Friday, boosting concern about increasing deflationary pressure amid falling energy costs and sluggish demand in the recession-hit economy.
This more than compensated for the 400-basis-point deflationary impact on sales growth attributable to increased generics utilization.