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As mentioned above, deflationists say that ontological debates are not substantive.
For more on deflationist, minimalist, disquotationalist, etc.
He suggests that it does not characterize the notion of truth, which he thinks has deflationist properties.
A deflationist about truth, then, should endorse in particular the combination of [A] plus [Exp].
61) Speech-act theories also include deflationist and disquotational accounts such as Patterson's account for law.
6) Insofar as the early Wittgenstein was a correspondence theorist and the later Wittgenstein was a deflationist, section 1.
Perverse competition, and a generalized deflationist spiral, are the outcome.
With all the doubts of a deflationist, I fail to understand why so many philosophers think bearers and properties of those bearers secure "realism.
If, as the deflationist would have it, non-pathological instances of the T-equivalence are meaning-determining, "S" and "It is true that S" are necessarily equivalent.
Control by deflationist private bankers is far less preferable than control by elected politicians.
Hobbes' solution lies in his deflationist account of the role of free will in responsibility and a contractualist position on morality: while freedom is the same across the whole natural realm, humans use it to verbally consent to membership in civil society.
19) This means that there is no need to endorse a deflationist conception of truth in order to avoid fatalist implications, as suggested in Tweedale 2004.