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According to the minister, the Russian side has been deflecting and will deflect the US attempts to hamper the eradication of the terrorist hotbed in Syria.
The additional drag complements that of the opposite aileron, which deflects downward and creates its own drag.
1 90-DEGREE RULE: When the cue ball hits another ball at an angle, both balls deflect at a 90[degrees] angle.
Learn to identify ritualistic and intrusive thought patterns, and learn how to deflect them and turn them away with an excellent self-help guide to why obsessive thoughts persist and how psychologists treat the disorder.
Each of these was subtly altered by its proximity to the glimmering screens, the ordinary function of which is to absorb or deflect heat but here served to absorb or deflect the viewer's gaze.
This will make it difficult for the defense to deflect or steal the ball.
With machined springs, all coils deflect under load.
She aimed for Mr Gallon's chest but he managed to raise his arm in time to deflect the knife and escaped with a cut to his bicep, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
Premier Division side Worcester had been given the perfect start when Sutton defender Neil Watkins could only deflect Jai Stanley's near-post cross into his own net as Carl Heeley threatened.
Avitronics (Centurion, South Africa) is developing a protection system for armored vehicles that will deflect kinetic long-rod penetrator rounds fired from tank guns.
The technology - called backscatter - uses rays which deflect off dense materials such as metal or plastic and produce a darker image than those rays deflected off the skin.
At a very acute angle, an incoming round may merely deflect and follow the surface of the door.