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The First Report of the DEFLECT III Trial was presented in San Diego earlier today by Alexandra Lansky, MD, director of the Yale Cardiovascular Research Program, Yale School of Medicine, USA.
If a cue ball collides on an angle with a colored ball, both balls would deflect in a V-shape at a -- angle.
Extending the arms and exposing the ball could allow the defense to deflect or steal it (Photo 3).
It's fortunate that Mr Gallon put his arm up to deflect the direction of the knife which you lunged towards his chest, otherwise matters might have been much worse for you and for him.
Thus, the fabric will deflect more toward the casting [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2B OMITTED].
Environmental engineers discovered cars can deflect polluted air from passing vehicles on to buildings, leaving a clean pocket of fresh air, which can save people from emissions.
Although 1999 RQ36's potential collision is late in the next century, the window of opportunity to deflect it comes much sooner, prior to a series of close approaches to Earth that the asteroid will make between 2060 and 2080.
Critics also say reassurances by the lab's owners have been used over the years to deflect oversight by public agencies and delay cleanups and health studies.
Just as light rays bend when they enter water from air, X rays deflect as they travel through objects of varying densities.
Soon as a result is effected, the Thrower tries to sneak a ball behind the GK while the D tries to deflect the ball into the net.
Nicholson was replying to a report in the Racing Post in which Cheltenham's manager of commercial operations, Peter McNeile, said the clash threatened to deflect the focus from The Open 2000 meeting.
This is accomplished by moving the rolls in the pattern shown thus the nip remains constant when the rolls deflect.