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Shaw, "CFD analysis of a supersonic projectile with deflectable nose control," in Proceedings of the 3rd AIAA Flow Control Conference, Fluid Dynamics and Co-Located Conferences, AIAA 2006-3200, San Francisco, Calif, USA, 2006.
Martin, "Split Ring Resonators (SRRs) based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical deflectable cantilever-type rings: Application to tunable stopband filters," Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, Vol.
Its deflectable atraumatic distal tip can be angled up to 90 degrees, providing physicians with control and precision.
Olympus' EndoEYE is a deflectable video laparoscope that combines a distally-mounted video chip with an advanced flexible tip design, providing a complete view from multiple angles to visually capture the desired location head-on, from above or behind.
An in-mold shrinkage sensor having a deflectable diaphragm under melt pressure instrumented with strain gages connected in a full bridge circuit is designed and validated.
This unique deflectable implant tool was used to place two MyoPore(R) sutureless bipolar epicardial leads, also manufactured by Enpath, on the left ventricle of a patient in completing the left ventricular lead segment of her cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) system.
Its underground joints are deflectable, allowing routing with minimal fittings; it can be cut to size in the field and is easily tapped.
Torsional vibration damper with deflectable spokes U.S.
Mapping and ablation were performed with a 7 Fr deflectable catheter with a 4-mm tip electrode (Ablatr or Marinr, Medtronic).
Given the current pool of about 100 known ECAs with diameters as large as 1 kilometer, statistics suggest that only about one a century will pass close enough to be deflectable into the Earth.