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It happened that there was a sharp turn in the river at the point where the slough entered, and the whole main current of the river was deflected to the other bank.
But he was deflected by the crash of the mainsheet blocks on the stout deck- traveller, as the mainsail, emptied of the wind and feeling the wind on the other side, swung crazily across above him.
Rheumatism is still the great mystery," Doctor Emory said, returning to Daughtry as if deflected by the thought.
The ball had evidently been fired from the opposite side of the room, for in one of the oaken beams overhead was a shallow blue dint, where it had struck a knot and been deflected downward to the breast of its victim.
You know," said the stranger, "that when any luminous rays cross a medium such as the air, they are deflected out of the straight line; in other words, they undergo refraction.
Even as he spoke, a bullet was deflected by a brass-capped spoke of the wheel between his hands and screeched off through the air to windward.
The chief's arm, long like a tentacle, and straightening as if worked by a spring, went out to meet him, and deflected his rush into a spin towards the speaking-tubes.
His level stare deflected gradually downwards, left my face, and rested at last on the ground at his feet.
14: Kent's shot deflected over after a scintillating dribble.
14mins: Alex Smithies does well to tip over Judge's deflected shot.
But Gault deflected Billy Joe Burns' shot into his own net 12 minutes from time and Jordan Owens' deflected effort made for a tense finale.
Left back Armero opened the scoring in the fifth minute when his deflected shot rolled past Greece goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis.