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The deflecting and sealing lips always stay in contact with the shaft and provide leak protection.
Firstly, whether or not its use now plays a role in deflecting or attracting unjustified abuse, abuse that is inexcusable on any grounds; and secondly, whether it is liable to cause offence to others, even if unintentionally.
The requirements of this tender are for the design, manufacture, supply and installation of a Horizontally deflecting Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM) for use at DLS.
Cordis Corporation announced today its STEER-IT(tm) Deflecting Tip Guidewire is now available for commercial use in the United States, Canada and Europe.
The France striker made it 2-0 seven minutes later, deflecting the ball in with the tip of his boot from a low cross by Adrian Mutu.
This is a ruse deflecting attention from the real culprits: raw capitalism, a lust for profit, and an FDA that is asleep at the wheel.
The defensive objective is to prevent the pass from getting to the offense by either deflecting or intercepting it (steal).
The technique of intentional, controlled drilling at an angle from the vertical by deflecting the drill bit.
Other ideas include a "solar sail", a "tugboat" spacecraft, firing a missile, exploding a nuclear bomb, and boiling the surface by deflecting the sun's rays with mirrors.
It was Amoruso's presence in Moscow defensive wall which created the confusion that led to Deividas Semberas deflecting Ball's free kick into the net.
This field acts as a shield, deflecting cosmic rays and other incoming charged particles.