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Prediction of workpiece elastic deflections under cutting forces in turning Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 22, pp 505-14.
The deflections were measured at different load levels until failure.
To solve this problem, FHWA researchers developed the rolling wheel deflectometer (RWD), which can perform structural evaluations by collecting continuous profiles of pavement deflection while traveling at normal highway speeds.
After initial tests, it was found that plates with 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch deflections could be inserted into the 10-inch senior fitting, and additional tests were performed on 10-inch plates with [beta] ratios of 0.
Membrane deflections cause the average hydraulic diameter to change in each flow channel, and this change will cause the flow rate to change for a fixed pressure drop across the exchanger or, conversely, the pressure drop to change for a given total flow rate through the exchanger.
At a constant temperature, creep deflections in PSL increase with the increase of relative humidity levels.
Jaaskelainen also blamed bad luck for Wanderers' poor start, with two of those five goals down to deflections.
The advanced analytical design is said to assure that the press delivers the loaded deflections required.
Mold-only models of the injection-molding process found in the literature also tend to underpredict deflections.
Coaches and players are in general agreement that spin rates and deflections of the nickel curve and nickel slider are considerably reduced compared to the dime versions of these pitches.
Caudal or inferior septal deflections are routinely approached and successfully treated through a closed endonasal approach without disrupting the dorsal nasal septum.
Although it was not possible to directly compare the ceramic-shelf deflections after the central cutout had been removed, the PCB deflection reduced from 0.