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performance, with Deflower and Eugene's own Avery Bell as the opening acts.
As this ribald romp gathered speed she told a dashing young blade: "I am given to understand a mere flash of your smile could deflower a cemetery.
But try checking the small print, as some ancient decrees give the Lord of the Manor permission to deflower all the town's virgins.
A translation of his sire L'Enjouleur reveals the word to mean one who wheedles or coaxes, talents that might be useful when attempting to seduce - or perhaps deflower - a bed-shy individual.
Surely the nation's conscience is rather bored with the bland and trite repetitions of the squalid prevailing mediocrity and desperately again seeks the clean air of equity and debate by those who would pastor, and not control, the green hills andwho would demolish those dark satanic mills which deflower her, instead of ushering in a new and more insidious materialism and Philistinism.
It takes the appearance of Michelle's virgin sister, Cadence (January Jones), to make him put on the airs of normalcy in order to deflower her.
There are men whose full-time job is to travel the countryside and deflower young virgins, who pay them
Larry Clarke's powderkeg of a movie portrays an amoral HIV-positive New York teenage skateboarder striving to deflower as many virgins as possible in 24 hours.
She was the most celebrated and most beautiful of all the geisha, so much so the Prime Minister paid to deflower her.
In many countries it used to be the custom for the clergyman performing the ceremony or the local lord to deflower the bride.
This bloke had a bet with the local Hell's Angels that he'd deflower me by the end of my lunch break.