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For example, while chiding War Minister's son Vali for his dallying with a mistress, Nargess recites a line from Rumi, "Love of gold is dross, love of beauty sin," and in the next scene, War Minister deflowers his son Vali's beloved Rakshandeh, "His Father said nothing, but stood beside the vomiting Vali (high on opium), threatening him with his dangling genitals." With such excesses, it is no surprise that Nargess's "journey of her heart" follows the slow and sometimes violent decay of War Minister's power and his eventual assassination at the hands of General Z, the "vile and fawning weasel of Reza Khan Shah" and extends into the post 9/11 U.S./Iraq conflict.
Despite the overwhelming force of the words from three characters who all consider themselves poets, there is a plot of sorts here: a 15-year-old girl is introduced by a gay man to a ranting drug addicted and infamously eccentric literary figure clearly based on Alexander Trocchi - his name here is Alex Trecci - who deflowers her and then marries her.
Left alone, the distraught Rym deflowers herself so she can show the bloody sheets to the two families.