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And anybody who applies the words "silky smooth" to the legs of a woman who defoliates has obviously never felt the alternative.
Unfortunately, some caragana bushes defoliate during extremely hot weather.
Prinn of MIT painted a bleak picture of parts of the world after a comet impact: Under dark, reddish-brown skies, animals would be asphyxiated by the noxious and pungent air and burned by the acid rain, which would also defoliate trees, turn soils to powder and leave pockmarks on those rocks that it did not dissolve completely.
Gale-force winds can defoliate plants, spray them with salt, or even break or uproot them.
It is a similar genetic inheritance to that suffered by Vietnamese families after toxic Agent Orange was sprayed by US troops during the war there to defoliate forests and expose Communist Viet Cong guerrillas.
We take for granted having the privacy of our own space to strip, wash, shave and defoliate.
Yet the same Department of Defense that can defoliate a forest from the land, sea, and air is also very much involved in reclaiming threatened tracts of old-growth timber, protecting the habitats of endangered birds, and improving tens of thousands of acres of wetlands for recreation and study.
Hypocotyls were pale green in color and may have contributed a small, undetermined amount of photosynthate to defoliate seedlings during regrowth.
This is a caterpillar that can completely defoliate a gooseberry bush in spring and summer.
Most trees defoliate and die with a few months of being infected.
The natives, taking one sip of a brew strong enough to defoliate the Punjab, would abandon mutinous plans on the grounds that "if the Brits can stomach this they must be devils".
TCDD (tetra chloro dibenzo-dioxin) contamination in Vietnam originates from the armed conflict over the period 1961-1971 when herbicides were used to defoliate terrestrial forests and mangroves, to clear perimeters of military installations, and to destroy crops.