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Defoliations performed in the stage R5 are the most harmful ones to the crop, reducing the productive potential of soybean.
It has excellent winter hardiness, is adapted to a diversity of soil conditions, tolerates frequent defoliation, and tolerates drought (Spencer et al.
Defoliation estimates were made by at least three different researchers, and the mean of the estimates for each experimental unit was used in the ANOVA.
autumnata pupal mass on those birches that had been defoliated by 75% in 1988, irrespective of earlier defoliations in 1986-1987 ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED], [F.
The vegetation and bird communities were sampled in both areas in 1984, before defoliation or pesticide treatment, and again in 1993.
NACB is a measurement used as a method of timing defoliation where only plants containing a first-position cracked boll are utilized (Kerby et al.
1988) hypothesized that defoliation of evergreens would reduce the carbon available for allelochemicals, without substantially affecting nutrient content, and thereby increase their suitability to herbivores.
Defoliation frequency (FqD): number of defoliations in expanded or expanding leaf blades during the evaluation period of the tiller, obtained through the equation: FqD= ND / DIA, in which: ND= number of defoliations, DIA= evaluation day of the tiller in question.