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Taking into account that field deformability tests in Croatian karst have not been previously carried out up, this paper proposes the forming of a ranking list of field tests for rock mass deformability using multicriteria decision analysis.
Pentoxifylline has been shown to increase leukocyte deformability and inhibit neutrophil adhesion and activation.
Additionally positive effects for the rheology of the blood can be observed by a reduction of aggregations of erythrocytes and thrombocytes and by a better deformability of erythrocytes (Krupinski et al.
The precisely engineered micro- and nano-particles can be designed with independent control of size, shape, deformability, and surface chemistry to achieve targeted delivery of small molecules, biologics, and imaging agents for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Increased deformability is one of the basic disadvantages of suspension bridges (Hambly 1998; Walther et al.
At low frequencies, these changes in the microstructure would significantly enhance the viscous deformability of the blend as the stretched E/B chains can now relax more easily by slipping back along these deformable styrene domains that are now oriented favorably.
The anisotropy coefficient has a significant influence in deformability appreciation of the sheet at deep drawing and at the drawing of complex and asymmetrical pieces.
At low oxygen tension, the mutant hemoglobin (sickle hemoglobin or S hemoglobin) polymerizes inside the red blood cells into a gel or further into fibers leading to a drastic decrease in the red cell deformability.
Erythrocyte deformability is a nitric oxide-mediated factor in decreased capillary density during sepsis.
Rheologics' technology platform allows researchers to focus on the biophysical properties of human blood including lubricity, viscosity, red blood cell deformability, and yield stress.
In addition, POM is often modified with thermoplastic elastomers or structural plastics of high flexibility and deformability to enhance its impact toughness.
The modification of cement concrete mixtures with crumbed rubber waste allows producing concrete that has specific properties (less density and thermal conditions, higher deformability and plasticity, better absorption of vibration and better sound insulation) and resolving the utilisation of rubber waste.