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The high-temperature flow behavior during hot deformation is a complex process.
The Total Deflection Assessment Expert evaluates the deformation measurement data provided, predicts deformation characteristics and differences and compares these with the permissible values for the installation of the slab track in accordance with Ril 836.
If the barrier material has elastic- plastic properties, the deformation is a sum of elastic and plastic deformations.
The longitudinal deformation x and relative deformation (strain) [epsilon] (%) of the sample were calculated by the formulas (1) and (2), respectively:
As a part of this work, a case study of discontinuous linear-type deformation creation in Upper Silesia region has been presented.
However the CCT diagram obtained from the full annealed material is not applicable for the hot stamping applications, since the phase transformation would be affected by the deformation of the material prior to quenching.
When projecting a technological process of the deep drawing with the reduction of the wall thickness, special attention should be paid to the heat effect that has a significant role in the processes of cold deformation.
Then, the deterministic model and mixed model were consulted for deformation of concrete dam and introduced finite element to monitor and evaluate the safety of dams [5].
Keywords: Kink deformation, LPSO-Mg alloys, Clustering, Inverse analysis
For comprehensive description of deformation and fracture, it is essential that the theory is based on a fundamental level of physics.
In order to minimize the sample preparation work and to avoid destroying parts of the drying batch by cutting out samples for prong or slicing tests, we want to predict the resulting deformation and therefore the drying quality concerning casehardening mathematically via the moisture distribution of the samples.
Middle convolution is an operation for non-resonant Fuchsian systems of differential equations which preserves deformation equations [9].