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Early and accurate diagnosis, especially differentiating between synostotic (craniosynostosis) and deformational (nonsynostotic) plagiocephaly, is very important because the diagnosis directs the course of treatment (Dec & Warren, 2011; Looman & Flannery, 2012; Pogliani et al.
2007) also described later sigmoidal deformational features in garnet, which is compatible with the fact that garnet lattice orientation may not be random and can be controlled by foliation orientation during nucleation and/or deformation.
This calculation is based on a gravitationally self-consistent postglacial sea level theory that accounts for the deformational, gravitational, and rotational effects of the changing ice + water load (Kendall et al.
Only two of the infants presented with craniofacial abnormalities: a cleft palate in one and deformational plagiocephaly in another.
The Kantian awareness of idealization has been comprehended also by the historian of science John Losee (even though Losee does not provide us the different kinds of deformational procedures applied in scientific practice):
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