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Such an improvement lies mainly on the decrease in the dual-chambers' radial non-uniformity, which means lesser deformational hysteresis losses.
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Estimated subsidence should be understood as maximum values associated with relevant uncertainties derived from groundwater model and deformation model properties, but it constitutes a reference initial point to develop more complex deformational models.
Actually, this is a rare case for the short-term deformational analysis of the elements.
The purpose of this research is to interpret the deformational style using the 2D seismic data to delineate the hydrocarbons trapping mechanism developed in response to the crustal adjustments due to the crustal deformation by the Himalayan Orogeny.
Complex thermal and deformational events provided ideal temperature and pressure for the formation of ruby, garnet, gold and other minerals of economic importance.
The characteristic that links the strength (M, N) and deformational (1/r, [epsilon]) parameters, can be stiffness of element in a certain cross section.
Molding therapy for infants with deformational auricular anomalies.
Deformational plagiocephaly (DP) is the leading cause of head shape abnormalities in infants, and it is characterized by an asymmetrical distortion of the skull resulting from external forces (Rogers, 2011a, b).