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On Walcott, Olaniyan quotes Alan Weiss's definition of coherent deformation as "the process whereby the form, the facticity of the world is shattered by praxis, with the result that a new meaning ensues.
Using these waves, the boxes are subjected to two deformations.
Because structural elements or subsystems of a vehicle involved in a crash undergo large plastic deformations, particularly the elements designed to serve as energy absorbers, ductility becomes a very important materials property.
This program calculates the type and quantitative amount of deformation that will occur throughout a part (each cavity is treated separately) as a result of the accumulated residual stresses left after the pack/hold phase.
Johnston also found increased tidal deformation in records from a second type of strainmeter, located only a few kilometers away from the other one he studied.
Controlled Deformations will also be included to allow the parameters of deformations to be retained as controlled objects, to facilitate editing and animation of deformation parameters.
Deformations in samples can tell us more about internal stress in wood due to the drying process.
Deformation and fracture in technological processes; proceedings.
In the Fall 2010 issue, in the editorial by Edwin May, there is a discussion about bending normal spoons by hand and that shock deformation is the simple secret to the trick.
SQ stretching involves two separate CW deformations of the specimen.
1] and a strain state by the main deformations ratio [beta] = [[epsilon].
The facing layer comprises a first region comprising a plurality of apertures and a second region comprising a number of out-of-plan deformations wherein each out-of-plane deformation has a longitudinal length less than a longitudinal length of the sanitary napkin and no out-of-plan deformation has a longitudinal length equal to the longitudinal length of the sanitary napkin.