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As the shock wave decays, only plastic deformations remain in the barrier material.
Among them, the most important are continuous and discontinuous terrain deformations.
9], kink deformation was generated from the early deformation stage.
For comprehensive description of deformation and fracture, it is essential that the theory is based on a fundamental level of physics.
However, information on the moisture content distribution, deformations and stress development during vacuum drying processes is limited.
The Schlesinger deformations are the most known in the literature.
From the descriptions in [3] and elsewhere, it is reasonable to conclude that neither of these methods is capable to detect and quantitatively measure the actual individual deformations of the winding segments or turns.
Deformation and fracture in technological processes; proceedings.
In the Fall 2010 issue, in the editorial by Edwin May, there is a discussion about bending normal spoons by hand and that shock deformation is the simple secret to the trick.
SQ stretching involves two separate CW deformations of the specimen.
1] and a strain state by the main deformations ratio [beta] = [[epsilon].