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The authors cover the deformed shell model; the DSM results for the spectroscopy of Ge, Se, Br, Kr, and Sr isotopes; the applications of DSM to GT distributions, muon-electron conversion, and dark matter; and a great many other related subjects.
Jo said: "We think Poppy might have been abandoned by a breeder because both her front legs are deformed.
As a result, the hot deformed neodymium magnet that contains absolutely no heavy rare earth became usable for the drive motor of a hybrid vehicle, demonstrating torque, output and heat resistance performance equivalent to those of a motor that uses the conventional type of magnet.
He's like a normal, happy, healthy kitten in every respect apart from his deformed legs.
THALIDOMIDE victims have mounted a new bid for compensation from the drug's manufacturer and distributor more than 50 years after they were born deformed.
The three different phases are separated by lines of first-order phase transition, with a singular point in the transition from spherical to deformed [gamma]-unstable shapes, which is second order.
DISGRACED councillor Colin Brewer yesterday launched another shameful attack on disabled children, branding them runts who should be culled the way deformed lambs are.
study the solution to the Kohn-Sham equation in the density functional theory of the quantum many-body problem in the context of the electronic structure of the smoothly deformed macroscopic crystals.
Summary: 'Wonky' the Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy is on the straight and narrow after having intensive physio to straighten her deformed legs.
Ice thickness measurements in the Baltic Sea (Lepparanta & Hakala 1992) have shown that the amount of deformed ice is significantly larger than reported in routine ice charts and the mean ice thickness (taken over several square kilometres) could exceed consequently 2-3 m in wide areas of the Baltic Sea.
The skulls, it appears, were intentionally deformed during childhood.
DEFORMED BABIES BORN AS RESULT OF SEDATIVE--Some 800 deformed babies are expected to be born in the United Kingdom as a result of their mothers taking a dangerous sleeping pill during early pregnancy.