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No slave is permitted to bestow this enviable deformity upon his child; all the slaves, therefore, are roundheads.
I did not yet entirely know the fatal effects of this miserable deformity.
It was given to me by my father, in allusion to the deformity which you all see--the deformity with which it was my misfortune to be born.
The wretched being's misery became as incurable and as complete as his deformity.
PESHAWAR -- In order to provide best possible treatment for patients with dentofacial deformity, experts suggested both dentists and surgeons should work collectively since it was not job of the dentist or the surgeon alone, in modern day.
They seek to provide that, discussing history, basic principles, etiology, idiopathic scoliosis, Scheuermann's disease, congenital deformities, neuromuscular deformities, deformities associated with neurofibromatosis, spinal deformity due to tumors, miscellaneous conditions, and spondylolysis and spondylolistesis.
Bony deformity correction at a distance from the operative or injury focus.
Matthiesen (1979) identified this deformity in the scorpion Tityus cambridgei (Pocock): the affected individual had a double prosoma, two sets of eyes and four pedipalps.
The versatile, all-in-one Swedge implant system gives clinicians more surgical flexibility in degenerative, deformity, and midline approach surgeries, with a wider range of options to stabilise and conform to varying anatomies.
3] Deformity is the visible alteration in the form, shape or appearance of the body due to impairment produced by the disease.
The two-year-old was born with a deformity which affected his oesophageal tube.
A 18-year-old male patient was referred to our rheumatology clinic with pain and deformity in his hands.